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Zero Motorcycles is the next step in motorcycle evolution. By combining the best aspects of a traditional motorcycle with today’s most advanced technology, Zero produces high-performance electric motorcycles that are lightweight, efficient, fast and fun to ride. Each motorcycle is optimized from the ground up to leverage the revolutionary Z-Force® electric powertrain and uses a specially designed rigid, aircraft-grade aluminum frame to minimize weight.

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Zero Motorcycles was an innovative and cutting edge technology company whose brand and customer experience was being undermined by inefficient paper and excel based processes.

Over 50% of leads generated were being wasted because Zero Motorcycles distributors were not following up with prospects within 3 days of being called.

Zero Motorcycles aimed to grow 100% annually. They needed a platform that could scale globally to achieve their vision and deliver first class touch points at every step of the process.

Zero Motorcycles had 3 disparate systems for marketing, sales and customer service. This was inefficient and took time away from taking care of customers and winning new business

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Through conversation and discovery work, Veltig helped Zero Motorcycles focus their operations on how customers and dealers interact with their motorcycles. This included making data available on mobile and better ways to process warranty registrations, claims, parts, and payments.


Veltig Worked Closely With Zero Motorcycles On:

Zero Motorcycles now provides world class sales & service support leveraging cutting edge technology at every step of the process.

A sales concierge process was introduced powered by Sales Cloud which allowed Zero Motorcycles to answer questions & schedule a demo with their dealers. 

Zero Motorcycles leveraged Sales Cloud and the Saleforce1 platform to scale globally rapidly and deliver a premium customer experience

Distributors, prospects and customers enjoy a seamless experience on the platform. They can self serve using communities, the knowledgebase and have greater visibility into their pipelines than ever before anywhere, anytime. 

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Zero motorcycles grew 100% in 12 months, redeploy resources away from admin to sales and other revenue generating activity. 

Veltig set up Zero Motorcycles on the Sales Cloud and more riders than ever are trying out Zero’s bikes. Riders request demos from their phones and Sales Managers track leads and schedule demos.

With an app built on the Salesforce1 Platform, dealers have instant access to videos, inventory, warranties, and anything else important to the rider. Dealers can see each order status at every stage and customers enjoy a seamless experience.

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