New to Salesforce?


As one of Salesforce's premier partners we realize that the key to our continued success with clients over the years is in our philosophy: Adoption Matters

For over 10 years we have been helping companies transition to Salesforce with ease and confidence. Set-up, data migration, customization, staff training, and much more.

As a Salesforce Registered Partner, you can trust that our certified Salesforce Consultants have the knowledge and experience to ensure your Salesforce adoption gets implemented.

Once we have obtained clarity about what our clients are looking to achieve we believe there are 3 parts to success: 

Our Three Keys to Success


1. Optimize Your Operations

When you move from a manual process or a program that doesn’t give you control over your business processes, you need to rethink how and why your business does the things you do.
Doing things the same way because they have always been done that way or because a different program forced you to do things that way doesn’t mean that you should continue to do them that way. With the flexibility that Salesforce provides for configuring the system, it allows you to configure it to the way that your company does business. This allows you to capture the data you have been missing, to stop capturing data that the company does use, and to make sure that you’re requiring data where needed. Making sure to focus on improving upon the way you currently do things helps to bring a positive change to your business.

2. Delight Your Users

Although Salesforce gives you the flexibility with customization, you need to make sure to balance the ease of use of Salesforce so that your users will actually use it. There’s nothing worse than getting a new system to then spend more time clicking around to capture all the data the company requires or to follow a new process when the manual process was already a habit. Luckily, Salesforce has built-in workflow and approvals engines, allowing you to automate manual tasks for your users, making their experience great and helping you to capture the data you need. With a better experience than the previous processes, your users are going to be happy using Salesforce, helping your company to capture rich data about your customers.

3. Liberate Your Data

By rethinking what data is important to your business and making it easy for your team to capture that data, you’re going to have a rich data set to be able to make business decisions on. Reports and Dashboards are built into the Salesforce platform, allowing you to get instant visibility to your data on the device that you want to get it on. With reporting that gives you live access to your rich data, you will be able to make decisions more quickly and accurately, helping you to grow and nurture your business like never before.


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Why Veltig?

One of the keys to Veltig’s success as a Salesforce partner is that we know Salesforce. We bring our experience through our dedicated team across sales, marketing and support. Our team are smart, committed and continue to invest in their skillsets by keeping their Salesforce certifications up-todate. We make sure we truly understand your business. And because we’ve worked with clients over the years we bring our objective experience in helping grow your business. Here at Veltig we speak your business language, we are rigorous in our methodology in understanding your business, cutting through tech jargon. We are not an IT firm, we are a business systems company dedicated to working with your sales team, marketing team and operations managers. That’s how we make your team a success.


Get Started

Salesforce is an incredibly powerful system. It can be a daunting task for companies to dedicate the time, resources, and effort to make the transition. Veltig has taken the learning curve and guesswork out of the process. Let us help you get started on the right path. With hundreds of implementations, our team of consultants and business process experts can take you from planning to launch with our custom tailored Quick Start packages.


Quick Start Packages

With our Quick Start packages, our experts help you turbocharge setup, configuration, and training so that your team feels minimal impact getting started with Salesforce.

We work with your key stakeholders to build out all of the foundational functions and processes needed to go live and grow your CRM initiative.

Client Success

“By transitioning to Salesforce, we doubled our volume without adding any employees. We estimated that we saved over a million dollars in the first year alone!”
— Jessica Franksen I Senior Director Operations I StackCommerce

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