Yvonne Gutierrez, Director of Operations

After 10 years in the hospitality industry, Yvonne went to work for Hotel Information Systems to train, install, and support the software used by many top hotels. She was offered the opportunity to work in a Southern California branch training new employees and assisting the technical support department.

After years of working for large corporations, Yvonne was invited to join the growing Veltig Consulting team in 2013. She was excited to make the move and help shape a smaller company.

Yvonne’s attention to detail and strong customer service skills have proven invaluable as Veltig continues to grow. In this smaller environment, she gets to wear several hats—which means there’s never a dull moment nor two days alike. Yvonne thrives on the challenges and rewards of this diversity.

Yvonne, her husband, and their two boys moved from California to the Chicago suburbs. Yvonne enjoys walking (when the Midwest weather allows), knitting, crochet, and embroidery. From August to June, her weekends are consumed by the English Premier League and tracking her beloved soccer team from her birthplace in England.


------ Chicago, IL -------