StackCommerce is an Native Commerce platform with over 200 million monthly visitors across more than 750 publisher partners including AOL Tech, Gawker Media, Penske Media, CNET, Business Insider, and others. Their platform provides publishers and vendors with turnkey solutions to increase user engagement, growth, and monetization. These solutions include: full-service commerce shops, editorial, email, social in-feed product recommendations, and real-time analytics.

The Challenges

  1. The Legacy CRM did not allow for collaboration with different team members on promotions.
  2. Vendors needed to provide and verify different product data for deals.
  3. Sales reps and vendors were constantly sending emails back and forth. 
  4. The Legacy CRM did not allow for “moves management” of promotions through the deal production and post-production process. 
  5. Lack of visibility on upcoming promotions for team members and operations.

What We Delivered

  1. Workflow field updates and Approval Processes were created to drive field updates and Opportunity Team Members to allow for collaboration. 
  2. Custom public VisualForce pages that allow Vendors to create, update and verify product data. Vendor just needs to click on link and all data is stored directly in Salesforce. 
  3. Workflows were created to move promotions through the sales process based on field updates.  
  4. Configure dates on Opportunities to show launch dates and use Calendar Anything to visually represent.

The Results

  1. Team able to work on their parts of promotions and then “hand off” to team members.  
  2. Vendor products are updated/verified without any data entry from users. This saves a huge amount of time for sales reps.  
  3. Sales reps no longer had to manually check for data. Salesforce alerted the reps via email or moved the promotion to the next stage in the process. 
  4. Full visibility into promotion launches in an easy to use calendar format for production team.

Client Success

Transitioning our team to Salesforce was one of our biggest accomplishments of the year. As a result, we have watched our customer satisfaction numbers rise at an unprecedented rate.”
— Jessica Franksen I Senior Director Operations