Munchkin develops innovative, modern, and credible products for babies and children that make parents’ lives easier and more enjoyable by thinking of "the little things." Founded in Los Angeles, California in 1991, Munchkin has grown to 7 offices worldwide.  They are passionate, creative, and believe in only making the best products that are trusted and effective. They are the most loved baby lifestyle brand in the world!

The Challenges

Their customer satisfaction group were using an obsolete and legacy system that involved lots of manual work/hours to maintain. They wanted the customer satisfaction team to focus on the needs of our customers and to serve them better, so they wanted a system that would allow them to do their job and automate everything as much as possible freeing up time for a better customer experience.

Salesforce Service Cloud

We implemented Salesforce Service Cloud and Munchkin have already benefited enormously from the deployment. 

- Salesforce Service Console
- Omni-Channel
- Live Agent
- Live Message
- Web-To-Case
- Email-To-Case
- Chatter
- Knowledge
- Public Knowledge Base
- Order Integration to Oracle for shipping
- NPS/Customer Satisfaction Surveys
- Custom object to track Quality/Safety Cases

Key Benefits

- More visibility to tracking agents and their productivity
- Easier Reporting
- Quicker response times
- No more manually sending emails to reps to respond from the email inbox queue
- No more copy and paste into the old system
- No more manually creating orders in Oracle (100% reduction in manual entry of full item replacement orders into Oracle)

Client Success

“Working with Veltig has been a wonderful experience. We now have the ability to turn incoming inquiries into actionable data that truly benefits the company. With Veltig’s help, we can now track, isolate, and resolve incoming issues faster than ever. There are endless possibilities with Salesforce and I can’t wait to see how far it takes us.”
— Melissa Blumenfeld I Customer Satisfaction Supervisor I Munchkin