Veltig and The Community

Supporting the wider community is very important to us. We strive to play an active role with a small number of not for profits / charities where we can help make a difference.

The following represent a couple of examples:

A Reason to Survive (ARTS)

Artist and CEO Matt D’Arrigo first conceived of A Reason To Survive (ARTS) in 1992 while his mother and sister both battled cancer.

ARTS believes all individuals need and deserve opportunities to define who they are and what their purpose is – their true identities – in order to live healthy, resilient and fulfilled lives, which in turn creates healthy and vibrant communities.

We provide Salesforce administration, consulting and implementation services free of charge to improve the support they provide to their volunteers, donors and students.

Learn more about ARTS

South County Outreach

South County Outreach

South County Outreach is a charity based in Irvine, California. Founded in 1989, it aims to provide emergency assistance to South County residents.


We helped them provide a much needed computer lab to help facilitate access to much needed resources.

Learn more about South County Outreach

Our Commitment

Denis Horgan
We remain passionate about supporting the communities we operate in. Helping others is very much a part of our DNA and I am committed to continuing to ensure we play our part.
— Denis Horgan I Founder I Veltig