The Challenge

DoorDash was using Zendesk to manage tickets and it was completely disconnected from their DoorDash App. If a customer called in with an issue, a support agent had to look up the delivery in their DoorDash app and then copy and paste almost a dozen fields back and forth between their app and the ticket in Zendesk. It was time consuming and had the possibility to be full of errors.

What We Delivered

We set up an integrated system between Salesforce’s Service Cloud and their application. Besides using the Service Cloud console to manage all of their tickets, we connected their back end system to Salesforce via an API. We also set up a smart routing system (omni channel) for web and chat tickets.

The Result/ Outcome

All an agent needs to do now is to copy in a delivery ID and all of the tickets are now linked to their back end system. This not only allows the agent to dramatically cut down on errors but also increases the ability of DoorDash to run reports on their tickets.