What is Conga?

Conga’s suite of solutions creates more efficient organizations by simplifying and automating data, documents, contracts and reporting.

As the provider of the No 1 paid application on the Salesforce AppExchange, they have more than a decade of experience increasing the value of the Sales Cloud by removing systems and process pain points that impede the customer lifecycle.  

They have over 8000+ customers who are passionate about their platform and support, with many of them giving them a 5 star rating on the Salesforce AppExchange.

How They Help?

Conga use cases are limited only by your Salesforce instance and your imagination. With a suite of solutions that addresses the needs of the entire business lifecycle, they streamline and automate the tasks you run from Salesforce including:

— Data management

— Automated enterprise-grade document generation

— Contract lifecycle management

— Rich reporting to drive business forward


Conga and Veltig

We can help clients install the initial application ensuring it is setup to help you derive the maximum benefit from it. For example, we will typically customize invoices and other documentation for clients, as well as adding small elements that make a difference e.g. adding a logo.

As users of Conga ourselves we have gone on the implementation journey, and are able to support our clients ensuring they get the most out of it.