Zendesk Migration

Why Do Clients Want to Migrate?


Time and again the lack of customization, limited reporting and silo’d data come up as reasons that clients want to move away from Zendesk to Service Cloud.

Additional reasons include scalability challenges as clients broaden their geographic remit. Finally back end integrations also play a part when clients evaluate switching.

As we’ve built out customized Napili templates here at Veltig, clients are blown away at the self service capabilities that Customer Community licenses can offer their customers. 

The Basics:

1. Service Cloud Console – much more efficient than Zendesk. Use macros, knowledge, etc. This has been a key selling point to reduce the amount of time that support agents spend on cases.

2. Customer Community – the leading community for cases, case deflection and knowledge. Allow Partners to view their Customers, log cases on behalf of customers — as well as log their own cases.
3. Full Visibility – pull in fields from the Account (e.g. SLAs, Account Managers, etc) to drive case assignment and keep all key constituents in the loop when cases get created or escalated. 

Lisa Zobrist, Director, User Support, Jiff

Lisa Zobrist, Director, User Support, Jiff

By switching to Service Cloud we are able serve more customers with the same resources. We have been very happy with the successful implementation by the Veltig team.