Stapp Stock and Product Inventory App

Stapp is a leading, all in one, full function, cloud based App enabling you to effectively and efficiently manage your inventory, purchasing and sales. It’s fully integrated with Salesforce and Sage Live.

Using Stapp, you can easily:

— Track Stock Items
— Manage Orders
— Issue and Pay Invoices
— Package and Ship
— Generate Reports

It's easy to use and its comprehensive reporting means that you can continually manage and improve inventory management.

Stapp is one of the leading end-to-end Inventory Apps that is fully integrated with Sage Live.

Who we Help?

Stapp is for any customer in any industry across any location that is using Sage Live and needs to manage their stock and product inventories through the sales, purchasing, stocking and distribution processes

We help clients with the following challenges:

  • High costs of managing stock and product inventories
  • Not having the correct information to forecast accurately
  • Challenge of identifying and managing dead inventory
  • Challenge of tightly managing inventory stock levels
  • Insufficient flexibility or poor mobile access
  • Managing supply chain end-to-end
  • Those with difficulty in reporting accurately
  • Too many manual processes

Key Benefits

With Stapp, our customers can dramatically increase profitability with an automated, real-time, smarter, faster and truly end-to-end, mobile and user-friendly approach to inventory management.

The cost of managing inventories is reduced, forecasting accuracy is improved, old stock can be taken out quickly, manual processes are minimised and supply chains can be managed more efficiently. Overall, decisions can be made quicker with improved insight and better results.

Working With Veltig

“We are delighted to work with Veltig – a partner with a track record of success in the Sage ecosystem that provides that rare combination of Sage, Salesforce and Accounting expertise. With Veltig, we can be sure that Sage Live systems that Veltig install and that we integrate with Stapp or other Apps, will be fully operational for our customers’ financial and business needs.”
— Stuart Mills I CEO I Apptituda