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When it comes to professional services, Veltig have been at the centre of innovation and excellence in implementation for over 10 years.

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Veltig's deployments are designed to deliver value fast, allowing you to get up and running on the Salesforce platform quickly. Our team of certified experts are well-versed in Salesforce best practices.

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  • Discovery and business process review. We dive deep into business goals, KPI’s, and environment to craft the best possible design for your unique requirements
  • Iterative development. We make sure you are involved every step of the way with frequent design reviews so that you can see progress early and ensure complete alignment with your business needs 
  • Rollout support. A fully functioning system is just the start. Are users using it often and correctly? Are your business needs being met? Are the reports we created giving you the information you need to make decisions? We provide rollout assistance and ongoing support to ensure that is providing the value you expect
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Custom Applications to Address Your Unique Requirements

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Veltig's custom application development services range from simple Salesforce customizations to complex applications built from scratch. If you need more than out-of-the-box Salesforce functionality, allow our Salesforce Certified Developers to extend your Salesforce functionality with Visualforce and Apex.

Want to integrate Salesforce to your other back office, ERP, or home-grown systems? We can help! Developing on the Salesforce platform lets you eliminate buying and maintaining traditional development infrastructure. 


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Data is at the heart of every business. If it can’t be measured it can’t be managed.


Veltig has helped hundreds of organizations take more control of their data through best practices extensive experience in data management. Veltig has performed both small and large scale data migrations, cleansing, normalizing, transforming, and migrating data from multiple sources. Veltig has migrated from a variety of CRM, custom data stores and ERP's into Salesforce. Veltig also has extensive experience with org merge's and org splits as businesses acquire or diversify and their requirements change. 


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Veltig will get your business to the next level


Our team of business process engineers will transform your under-utilized solution to improve Salesforce user adoption, process efficiency, accountability and visibility across all levels of your organization.

We will assess your current technology solution, business process and user workflow to identify the best way to customize Salesforce and transform the platform into a valuable asset that enables your business processes, engages your sales team, and drives bottom line results.

Once the customization is complete, we can provide end-user training sessions to ensure a smooth transition and improved user adoption. We can also provide ongoing services and support to continually evolve the platform as needed to meet changing business requirements. 



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As your business grows and evolves, your Salesforce instance needs to do the same.


Let Veltig help you maximize your budget and help your end users get the most out of Salesforce by leveraging the skills of our expert team. 

Veltig will assign a team with diverse skill sets to deliver exactly what you need on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Our model is able to adjust to actual service demand when you need it.

We also employ best practices for service operations to be able to manage requests efficiently, escalate quickly, and adjust to unexpected issues. This helps us deliver superior service, every time.


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Veltig develops and delivers end user training as part of our Change Management practice.


Our training experts create tailored materials to help drive adoption. Training can range from functionality-based; customized to client solution and requirements to persona-based; up to one persona curriculum customized to client solution and business requirements. 


We need to determine the difference between support and maintenance and managed services. 


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Maintaining up to date accounting records can be a time consuming and costly exercise for any business, providing little apparent added value. Veltig has invested significantly in the systems and methodology to provide book-keeping and accounting services on an outsourced basis. The benefit to you includes reduction in administration costs, reassignment of staff to concentrate on your core business activity and the assurance that your accounting records are accurate and current.