New to Sage Live?

So were we at one point !

Having undergone a Sage Live implementation journey ourselves we have gained invaluable experience as to how to optimise the deployment, lessons we are only too happy to share with others.

Why Veltig?

1. We Are Users Ourselves

Our journey to Sage Live was an interesting one. It started with our CEO Donal de Paor reaching out to Sage to help get Veltig's accounting into the cloud and to integrate it with Salesforce. After implementing the new application themselves de Paor realized that there were probably many more companies facing a similar challenge. Having years of experience on the Salesforce platform, adding Sage Live to the range of offerings Veltig supported was a natural progression.

2. Presence Spanning North America & Europe

In recent years we have gone from strength to strength. Having expanded Internationally we can now serve clients with local requirements be that in North America or Europe.

3. Investing in Talent

We continue to invest in talent ensuring our consultants are up to speed with the latest developments and that we are hiring the brightest and the best.

4. Impressive Credentials

Finally, Mary Balmer our Practice Director contributed to the successful global launch of Sage Live while working as a Director of Development at Sage. Mary had almost 20 years of experience with Sage and is now helping to bring the vision of Sage Live to life.

Donal de Paor.jpeg
The fact that we can show people how we use the software ourselves builds confidence.
— Donal de Paor I CEO I Veltig

Why Veltig Adopted Sage Live?

1. Access to Powerful Capability

We were able to gain access to the powerful capabilities of an enterprise ERP solution without the high price tag.

2. Needed an Application that Supported Our Growth Ambitions

We were able to move from an accounting focus to a business management focus.

3. We Were Looking for An Advanced Solution

We chose a solution that was technologically advanced and was in alignment with our company’s aspirations.

As our CEO, Donal de Paor described in the following interview the reasons we adopted Sage Live were pretty compelling !

Watch : From Foggy to Crystal Clear: Veltig's Story

Client Success

Jody Padar
“Veltig is the perfect partner for implementing Sage Live. Their technical expertise as well as their customer service is incredible!”
— Jody Padar I CEO I New Vision CPA Group

Sage Live Implementation

Sage Live implementation partners like Veltig can help to get you up and running with minimal disruption to your business.

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