Sage Live Account Executives

Sage Live is the world’s first real-time accounting engine on the market leading Salesforce cloud platform. As an Account Executive you work with prospects to ensure that Sage Live is built specifically for their business needs.

You seek to understand the challenges they are facing, and how Sage Live will allow them to make quicker, smarter decisions by giving them access to one source of the truth from anywhere.

In short, you care that they have a successful experience with the Sage Live brand.

But sometimes you may need some external support. A partner to support you when client's needs are not capable of being met in-house. This is where Veltig come in.

What You Get

1. A passionate team with a strong track record

2. Someone who has already gone on the same journey as your clients and who has thus learned from implementing Sage Live themselves.

3. A team with a global reach from the West Coast of the US to London in the U.K.

About Veltig

Veltig are a Sage Live partner, who thrive on challenges. Our staff are passionate about ensuring that our clients expectations are met and that we ensure that they get to benefit from the software they adopt. For example, Mary Balmer our Practice Director contributed to the successful global launch of Sage Live while working as a Director of Development at Sage. Mary has almost 20 years of experience with Sage and is now helping to bring the vision of Sage Live to life.

But don't take our word for it. Check out some of our client success stories.

Get in Touch

If you want to learn more about how we can help your clients succeed please contact us touch today and one of our local consultants will get in touch.