Sage Live

Sage Live

Sage Live is unlike any other traditional accounting package. It is an accounting solution built on the Salesforce platform, with an open API to allow easy integration with other best of breed apps. Sage Live was designed to be a global solution to allow businesses to operate anywhere in the world, supporting multiple legislations and currencies, and to easily consolidate accounts up to the parent.

It also offers a multi-dimensional ledger to allow businesses to track and report on any number of dimensions, giving businesses deeper insights into different areas of their business.

Why Veltig?

1. Expertise

We are Sage Live experts - we were an early adopter of Sage Live, have been using it internally since it was first launched, and were one of the first business partners supporting the product.

We’ve also worked closely with Sage Live developers to help shape the latest solution through our active membership of their development programme.

2. Experience

When it comes to Salesforce, we’ve been in business over 10 years and we know the platform inside out. We know how Sage Live was designed in a way to take full advantage of the platform, and we know how to integrate and customize around Sage Live to meet the needs of any business. We are also accounting experts and this is essential to a successful onboarding of Sage Live.

3. Capability

We also have a strong development staff with solution designers and engineers that can help businesses re-imagine the way they do business and create solutions to meet their needs.

We have had almost 600 successful engagements to date, have 20+ qualified consultants at present and hold a Salesforce Customer Satisfaction rating of 9.54/10

As a Salesforce Registered Partner, you can trust that our certified Salesforce Consultants have the knowledge and experience to ensure your Salesforce adoption gets implemented.

4. Vision

We have build a strong team of passionate Sage alumni. As recognized thought leaders in the space, you’ll find us regularly as invited speakers at Sage Summits.

Mary Balmer our Practise Director contributed to the successful global launch of Sage Live while working as a Director of Development at Sage. Mary has almost 20 years of experience with Sage and is now helping to bring the vision of Sage Live to life.

Donal de Paor our CEO, worked 12 years with Sage & was previously a Senior Project Manager


5. International Coverage

Veltig is a rapidly growing team with a global reach from the West Coast of the US to London in the U.K. The extent of our coverage in Europe has proven beneficial to clients with both local and international requirements.

Sage Live and Veltig

Practise Director, Mary Balmer

Mary Balmer

Sage Summit 2017

Client Success

John Kennedy Phorest
“Veltig have really gone the extra mile to help us get up and running. They have a brilliant understanding both from a financial and technical perspective. They have a real can do attitude and they helped us every step of the way. We couldn’t recommend the Veltig team too highly”
— John Kennedy | CFO | Phorest

Some Clients

Who Is Sage Live For?

Sage Live is a platform solution and thus businesses already using Salesforce have an ability to put their entire business on the platform with Sage Live as their back-end accounting solution. This allows businesses to utilize the platform to build processes around their business and at the appropriate point, to send transactions directly into Sage Live to post to the ledger accounts. 

A current Salesforce customer has the capability of extending Sage Live by utilizing the customization capabilities of the platform. But even if you’re not a Salesforce customer you can still benefit from using Sage Live. A key differentiator is the ability to create your own posting rules. Each business is unique, with their own business model and processes. Sage Live is unique in its ability to offer powerful customization capabilities, giving you complete control over what to debit and credit, and when, with each accounting transaction.