Given our focus on driving value for clients by helping ensure that they derive benefits from the solutions they implement we rely on a number of strategic partners from time to time.

These partners offer complimentary services to our core offerings and are designed to help ensure that our clients are catered for in a holistic manner.

The following represent some good examples:

Conga - simplifying and automating data, documents, contracts and reporting.

Invoice Sharing - your invoices appear directly in your Sage Live system, without having to key-in or correct scanned invoices.

Stapp Inventory Management - all in one, full function, cloud based App enabling you to effectively and efficiently manage your inventory, purchasing and sales.

We also work with a number of leading consultants who complement our core offerings:

The Republic of Quality

Meet Steve Fisher

The Republic of Quality is an an award–winning user experience & content strategy consultancy located in Vancouver, Canada. It is headed by Steve Fisher, the founder and experience director. Veltig trusts the Republic of Quality to lead our UX, content strategy, and design needs. As a small, experienced team, they join projects and help us achieve the results we desire.


The Radical CPA

Using the power of Sage Live, where everything is accessible remotely, it is now possible to have a meaningful interactive relationship with your CPA's. Cloud based accounting enables clients to collaborate with their CPA's seamlessly: we log on, you log on and we’re able to work in real-time together. 

The power of Salesforce provides deeper and unique reporting, live feeds, prospective forecasts, and real-time business intelligence. It fundamentally changes your relationship with your CPA and your sales team. We now have the technical know-how to access the data we want, and to get the KPI’s and reporting that is critical to run your business

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