At Veltig we regularly see customers contemplating whether to upgrade to Lightning or stay on Salesforce Classic. For some, this is a big decision and requires proper planning and configuration, for others, it’s a straight-forward, nearly automated process. In either case, it’s definitely time to give Lightning serious consideration if you haven’t already, here’s why:

1. The latest technology

Salesforce has been developing it’s platform for over 16 years. Lightning represents the latest technology and innovation, perhaps one of Salesforce’s finest roll-outs. It was a massive development effort on the part of Salesforce, and we’ll most certainly see Salesforce continue to invest into this technology in the coming years. 

2. New features

There are over 150 new features included with Lightning, which were developed based on feedback from 1000s of users. These new features include Kanban boards, upgraded dashboards and Opportunity Workspaces among many others. These new features are designed to improve the productivity of your sales reps and accelerate your business.

3. In-app Calls : Lightning Dailer

In-app calling allows your account executives to field or place calls no matter where they are or what they are doing. It automatically logs the call and notes, so that each touch with a potential customer is completed in-context.

5. Improved Outlook Support

After having cemented a strong relationship with Microsoft, Salesforce has developed an Outlook sync for calendar / contact updates and the ability to access your Outlook account directly within Lightning. No need to switch between apps any longer!

6. Lightning is mobile first

Salesforce knows that sales people are always on the go, that’s why Lightning was designed to be mobile first. In this way, sales people can be as productive and effective whether they be in the office or in the field. 

7. Lightning Builder

Lightning Builder is a terrific way to build new apps, that nearly anyone can use with a little bit of training. The drag and drop interface makes mobile and desktop app development “Lightning” fast (pardon the pun!). There are a few different components to be aware of: 1) Salesforce Pre-builts 2) Lightning Exchange and 3) Custom. 

If you haven’t already upgraded to Lightning, then now’s the time to take a look. The new user interface, features, and innovation are worth exploring. We here at Veltig would be delighted to be your guide through this process, so give us a shout to see what Lightning can do for you and your company.

Yours Truly,

Denis Horgan, Chris Shea, Joe Bono

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