Planning for Success in 2019

2019 is already half way done, can you believe it? It’s likely to be the best year for Salesforce in the history of the company in terms of revenue, new products, large acquisitions, platform improvements and more. Navigating the ecosystem in 2019 has become more complicated and diverse; thus opening up opportunities for evolution and expansion. Many of us working within the Salesforce ecosystem are asking ourselves how do we ensure success as organizations, users and as consultants.

At Veltig, we are focusing on and recommend the following strategies:

  • Choose products and clouds that make sense for your company, your clients and your users. Salesforce now has something for everyone; choosing the right products to solve the material problems is paramount!

  • Get to know the new certifications & training. Salesforce has invested heavily in training, trailhead has come a long way, and certifications are not only important but signal quality.

  • Invest in people. A well run business operates on people, process and systems. Hire only the best, define your workflow, and implement technology to create competitive advantages and automate mundane tasks .

  • Focus on quality not quantity of software implemented. Deliver fewer features or projects, with on point deliverables to ensure better adoption. While it’s not always the case, less is often more!

  • Make smart purchasing decisions with regard to Salesforce clouds and licenses, so that you can plan for your company’s growth. Develop a technology roadmap that meets your business needs.

  • Constantly seek feedback from your user base. Prioritize their highest needs, the ones that will make their lives better and then give them a solution that is obvious.

Navigating the Salesforce ecosystem is no longer a simple task given the breadth and depth of the platform offering. There is more goodness in Salesforce now than ever. At Veltig, we’re here to help, whether that be to evaluate a new cloud or product, help your team obtain certifications, eliminate technical debt, fix pesky problems or implement business transformation around your Salesforce implementation. 

Yours Truly,

Denis Horgan, Chris Shea, Joe Bono

About Us:

For over 13 years Veltig has helped companies transition, upgrade and adopt Salesforce with ease and confidence. The range of services we offer include Initial Setup, Data Migration, Customization, Integration and Training. While we can generally tackle any Salesforce project, we proudly specialize in Sales, Service, Community and Marketing clouds along with CPQ, TaskRay and Conga integrations. As a Salesforce Registered Partner, you can trust that our certified Salesforce Consultants have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your implementation delivers customer success.