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Jeff Bezos was quoted: “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”

Part 2: Razor Sharp Focus on Customer Success

As founder of a Salesforce consulting company, I’m proud to have served over 600 clients in the last 13 years in various industries from technology to franchising to consumer and non-profits among others. The common theme for success in these Salesforce implementations was to be narrowly focused on customer success. So what does that mean in the context of enterprise software?

It goes without saying that what gets measured, gets managed. While that may sound master of the obvious, so many companies fail to measure the most basic of key metrics. Measuring success can start with little things like CSAT surveys or key metrics that everyone understands and are regularly reported on. Are the intended users of the system logging in regularly? On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the software? What is the quality of the data? Is the business performing better after the implementation?

Customer success requires communication and that starts at the project kick off and continues through the rollout and future upgrades. Communication sets expectations and that eliminates surprises. If your user base constituents feel informed and have influence on the product, they are more likely to “adopt” your software because they have an ownership stake in it.

Staying on scope and budget is key to customer success and satisfaction. Runaway projects “should” be a thing of the past as we’ve learned how to better scope and manage clients, expectations and requirements. While Agile Methodologies alone do not ensure success, they can certainly help avoid gaping voids. Gone are the days of the past where waterfall reveals either hit the mark or fail.

Just because you’ve implemented it, doesn’t mean it’s working. Successful projects require a bit of business transformation whether that means the software was crafted around existing business processes or the business reinvented itself around the software. Software has so many possibilities to either create competitive advantages or automate mundane tasks, but as we’ve seen in Veltig, the most successful customers are focused on key features that allowed the business to transform.

Our jobs in the professional services world is very near how Jeff Bezos would describe customer service at Amazon. Our clients are our guests and it's our job to make their lives a little better each day through software innovation and business transformation.

Denis Horgan Founder

About Us:

For over 13 years Veltig has helped companies transition, upgrade and adopt Salesforce with ease and confidence. The range of services we offer include Initial Setup, Data Migration, Customization, Integration and Training. While we can generally tackle any Salesforce project, we proudly specialize in Sales, Service, Community and Marketing clouds along with CPQ, TaskRay and Conga integrations. As a Salesforce Registered Partner, you can trust that our certified Salesforce Consultants have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your implementation delivers customer success.