Navigating Salesforce in 2019

After 13 years of running a Salesforce consulting company, I thought I might share some of my thoughts about 2018, how we can all win by focusing on our customers, and predictions about 2019. As this is a lot to cover, I’ll break this into a three part series starting with a look back on 2018.

Part 1: 2018 Look Back

2018 was an impressive year for Salesforce as they acquired many high profile companies such as Cloud Craze, MuleSoft, Rebel and Datorama. The Ventures group completed a record 95 investments and celebrated 6 IPOs and 14 acquisitions. Lightning got a major upgrade with JavaScript Web Components. Salesforce announced record third quarter fiscal 2019 results and stepped up it’s environmental commitment with new strategic climate changes. And finally, Salesforce continued to uplevel it’s management team by promoting Keith Block to Co-CEO of Salesforce.

Development work completed in 2018 has led to some exciting features in the Spring 2019 release:

  • Productivity enhancements include Pinned Lists, Lightning Scheduler and Redesigned Help Menus.

  • Upgrades to reports and dashboards include Conditional Formatting, Stacked Summaries, and 12 column Dashboards.

  • Lightning Email is becoming much more secure with Privacy Settings and Contact Point Type Consents, in addition to Enhanced Folder Sharing for Email Templates.

  • Salesforce is stepping up it’s integration with Google Mail with a new Chrome extension, Integrated Calendar Views and Simpler Logging.

  • Einstein Opportunity scoring has enormous potential and I’d wager we’ll see this feature evolve even further.

  • Service Cloud is getting an upgrade with Pop Out utilities that can be moved to various screens for enhanced user efficiency.

  • Community Contact Requests will now allow end customers to request a call back and then be routed to pre-defined flows.

There’s so much to like about the 2019 Spring Release, this is just a subset of the terrific features and upgrades Salesforce is rolling out.

With so much happening in the Salesforce ecosystem, how does one navigate the sea of opportunity? From my point of view Salesforce will be doubling down on some of their recent acquisitions like CloudCraze and Mulesoft. They will continue to invest in AI via Einstein across multiple clouds. And further, Lightning is here to stay as a major upgrade to the SFDC user interface and provides the ability to build, release and grow businesses applications more intuitively and functional than ever before.

If Salesforce customers have not upgraded to Lightning yet, now is the time as the environment has come a very long way. Upgrading is also an impetus to eliminate any lingering technical debt and/or implement features that end users have been begging for.

It’s an exciting time in the Salesforce ecosystem, and we at Veltig believe it is going to be an outstanding year for Salesforce, App Exchange, Consultancies and of course the Salesforce end user base.

Denis Horgan

Founder of Veltig Inc

About Us:

For over 13 years Veltig has helped companies transition, upgrade and adopt Salesforce with ease and confidence. The range of services we offer include Initial Setup, Data Migration, Customization, Integration and Training. While we can generally tackle any Salesforce project, we proudly specialize in Sales, Service, Community and Marketing clouds along with CPQ, TaskRay and Conga integrations. As a Salesforce Registered Partner, you can trust that our certified Salesforce Consultants have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your Salesforce implementation delivers on its goals.