Enjoy touchless accounting with InvoiceSharing!

All your invoices appear directly in your Sage Live system, without having to key-in or correct scanned invoices.

Just email your PDF invoices, scan your invoices or make a photo of an invoice or receipt. You can scan your invoices in one batch and mail the total batch to your InvoiceSharing account. 

How it Works

InvoiceSharing processes the documents with a manual check, so you receive a 100% correct invoice in your Sage system, with proper VAT-break-up. You can choose to process the invoices on header level (total amount with proper VAT break-up) or on line level, for more detailed accounting. In addition, you can receive and process real electronic invoices (XML, CSV, iDoc, etc).

InvoiceSharing is a large open network that speaks the electronic invoice language of any system, so all your suppliers can send you proper/real electronic invoices, that your Sage Live system processes 100% correctly. 

Finally, the award winning Accounting-Robot will help you to make your invoice processing up to 10x more efficient than manual entry. You simply instruct the Accounting-Robot to assign cost accounts, cost centers or other accounting dimensions, and the invoice is not only touchless in your Sage Live system, but also properly accounted for!

Work smarter, not harder!

Veltig and InvoiceSharing

We help our clients to get up and running so that they can enjoy a seamless experience from Day 1. Typical initial requirements include us:

— Configuring the integration between our client’s Sage Live & InvoiceSharing

— Programming the accounting bot to do its job correctly the first time

— Sending invoices to InvoiceSharing, and automatically exporting and posting these to our clients Sage Live with no manual intervention

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